Sitting on a giant sandpit.

    In early January this year I returned to the desert - this time for three months. Again I was there as 'Guest Astronomer' during the hot desert Summer, which also happens to be the rainy season in Southern Africa.

This time I was also sent to South Africa - to Londolozi Lodge in the Kruger Park. It's a completely different place to the desert! I was in 'the bush' watching the 'Big 5'!

This time I took my first digital camera - a Nikon Coolpix 4300, with converter wide-angle and telephoto lenses.
Here are some photos of my journey this time.....

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Home Sweet Home

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The CD!

Sossusvlei Dunes - From The Air

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Petrified Dunes


Dead Vlei

Moon using hand-held camera & telescope

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Jupiter & Galilean Moons

Saturn using hand-held camera & telescope

Venus & Mercury at dawn

I visited a centre called NaDeet, about 75km from the lodge. It is run by Viktoria Keding, who teaches young people from schools all over Namibia about ecology and conservation. They stay for a week and learn about the environment in the desert and how to use precious resources sustainably. I spent a night there teaching teenage Namibians about the stars.


Solar Panels

Sleeping Quarters

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School pupils learning to make bricks from old newspapers and magazines

A short break from their labour

Posing for the camera

Viktoria talking to a visiting teacher
(her husband just arriving home from a business trip on the left).

I was treated to a little concert from the children after dinner

Then I talked to them about astronomy

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They showed a lot of interest

We went outside and looked at Saturn through a small telescope...

...After which I took a well-earned luxurious shower with my one-bucket-of-water ration!

Next day we looked at the Sun through a solar filter

These young people had many questions and showed such interest,
which was both a thrilling and humbling experience for me.

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Dune View Towards Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge


Gemsbok & Mountains, Namib Rand Nature Reserve

Namib Mountains
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Sleeping Baboon Mountain

Sossusvlei Dunes From The Air

Lange Wand (Long Wall)

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Lange Wand From The Air
Flying Over Lange Wand, Namib Desert Coast At Sunset

Behind Dune 45 - From The Air

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Dead Vlei from above
Sossusvlei Numbered Dunes from above

Dunes at Sossusvlei

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Dunes at Dead Vlei
Dunes at Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei

Evaporating Puddles at Dead Vlei

Dead Vlei

Dead Trees at Dead Vlei

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Dead Vlei

Golden Dune Shadow


Sossusvlei Dune Reflection

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Sand Storm, Namib Desert

Showing guests the stars!

Guests at SML

Kruger Park, South Africa
March 2005


Suckling Lion Cub

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Lion Tree

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Elephant Bum

Hyena Cub at 6 weeks
Young Hyena Adult

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Rhino Mum & Baby

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Elephant Greeting
Baby Elephant
Elephant Portrait
Leopard Moon

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